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Believe it or not, but many women become more absentminded when they’re pregnant. This phenomenon is called pregnancy brain (or mommy brain), and it’s an annoying reality to many women.

Forgetfulness during pregnancy (aka your pregnancy brain) can screw up your short term memory. You can become easily distracted. You might change topics in the middle of telephone conversations, completely forgetting what you were talking about minutes before. You may find yourself driving around and missing streets you’re supposed to turn on. It’s also common for pregnant women to completely forget important appointments and meetings.

Researchers debate over whether pregnancy brain is a true pregnancy symptom. Is mommy brain a myth or the truth? Many scientists argue over its validity. For the women who experience this pregnancy symptom, it’s a very distracting truth that they could live without.

What Causes Pregnancy Brain?

There are several theories on the causes of pregnancy brain. No one knows for sure what’s going on, or what causes this unusual pregnancy symptom. Some experts believe that women are distracted by the life changes they’re undergoing, or they’re forgetful due to the exhaustion and pregnancy fatigue they’re experiencing. You may be more forgetful during pregnancy, due to worries or concerns about your baby’s health and well-being, or you’re just plain nervous about being a good mother.

Whatever the cause, you have to learn how to cope with pregnancy brain.

Strategies to Deal with Forgetfulness During Pregnancy

Forgetfulness during pregnancy can be a very aggravating pregnancy symptom, especially if you are career driven and you have important tasks to accomplish in your job before you have your baby.

To help you cope with mommy brain, it’s important that you start devising strategies to help you remember important tasks, appointments you need to attend, and etc. Some women deal with pregnancy brain by keeping a small notebook with them at all times, or setting reminders on their smart phones.

Another tip – keep a detailed daily planner so that you don’t forget anything. It’s also helpful if you use the same location for everyday items – like your cell phone, house or car keys. This way, you won’t be searching all over creation for what you need.

Good luck!

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