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Metal Taste in Mouth in Pregnancy (Dysgeusia)

metal taste in mouthDysgeusia, or a metallic taste in your mouth, is a lesser-known pregnancy symptom but it’s quite common in the first trimester. Dysgeusia is the fancy medical term for an abnormal taste in your mouth that doesn’t go away, even when you’re not eating.

If you experience this first trimester pregnancy symptom, you may find that you have a metal taste in your mouth. Some pregnant women with dysgeusia notice a sour taste, instead of a metallic taste.

What Causes the Metallic Taste in Mouth in Pregnancy?

There are a number of reasons why dysgeusia occurs, and some are unrelated to pregnancy. However, if you start to notice a metallic taste in your mouth when you’re pregnant, you can blame your hormones – particularly the rising levels of estrogen.

Estrogen is partly responsible for controlling and moderating your sense of taste. During pregnancy, your estrogen levels can fluctuate. Hence, you may notice that your sense of taste isn’t what it used to be. The metallic taste in your mouth is directly related to hormonal changes.

Fortunately, similar to morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue, the metallic taste in your mouth should disappear in the second trimester. Your hormones tend to level out in the second trimester, so you’ll get some relief from this strange pregnancy symptom.

Metal Taste in Mouth – How to Cope

Having that metallic taste in your mouth is unpleasant, and until it goes away on its own, you are probably searching for ways and methods to banish it completely.

If you have dysgeusia, you can try eating acidic foods to mask the metallic taste in your mouth. Try eating sour flavored foods and drinks, such as orange juice, lemonade, and other citrus drinks. If you can stomach it – why not try foods that are marinated with vinegar? Pickles are a good choice, and many pregnant women seem to have a craving for pickles and other sour foods during pregnancy.

Brushing your teeth may also mask the metal taste in your mouth. Some women find that brushing their tongue every time they brush their teeth seems to help get rid of the metallic taste in the mouth.

As you struggle with the metallic taste in your mouth, just remember that it should go away by your second trimester. It won’t last forever, so have hope!

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