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Leaking Breasts when Pregnant: Colostrum

colostrum in pregnancyHave you noticed that your breasts are leaking? Breasts leaking in pregnancy is a common pregnancy change, and nothing that you need to worry about. What’s leaking out from your breasts is colostrum – your baby’s first milk (also called premilk).

Colostrum is a thick, creamy or yellowish milk that will nourish your newborn in the first few days of life until your breasts start producing regular breast milk. Colostrum is high in protein and chock full of antibodies that protect your newborn from disease.

Since you first became pregnant, your breasts have been changing and preparing for breastfeeding. Your breasts have been producing colostrum since you were roughly 16 weeks pregnant or so. You may start noticing breast leakage at 16 weeks pregnant, or later in.

Some women experience a lot of breast leakage, while others don’t experience leaking breasts in pregnancy. Your breasts may start leaking in the second trimester, or in the third trimester. It may be a lot that comes out, or a little. There’s a lot of variability but it’s a normal pregnancy change. (Just keep that in mind!)

How to Cope with Leaking Breasts when Pregnant

Breast leaking in pregnancy can be quite a nuisance, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it or stop the flow. However, you can cope by wearing breasts pads inside of your bra. These will absorb all the colostrum that’s leaking out of you, and it will prevent any wetness from showing up on your clothes. (It’s quite embarrassing when it does show through.)

If you’re pregnant and your breasts are leaking, you may need to wear nursing pads throughout the day and night. Change them as needed to keep you comfy and to stop any smell.

You may notice that your breasts tend to leak more when you’re having sex with your partner. This is also normal.

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