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pregnancy symptomAre you feeling clumsier lately? Pregnancy can sometimes cause clumsiness in women. Clumsiness in pregnancy is a common experience, especially in the third trimester – when your huge belly causes your center of gravity to shift. You might feel slightly off-balance, or downright ungainly.

Clumsiness in pregnancy is a normal pregnancy symptom, and it’s caused by both physical and hormonal changes in your body.

Causes of Clumsiness During Pregnancy

When you stop and think about all the changes that your body is going through, it’s no wonder that you feel clumsy when pregnant.

As your uterus grows in pregnancy, you end up carrying more weight. (Remember that the recommended weight gain for the average sized woman is 25 to 35 pounds). With more weight, this will shift your center of gravity. In addition to this physical change, hormonal changes (especially the hormone ‘relaxin’) loosen all your joints.

The end result – you experience clumsiness in pregnancy.

To avoid any falls, you should wear low-heeled, comfortable shoes. Make sure you pay attention to any wet, slick, or icy surfaces. Take hold of any rails when you’re walking up or down stairs. If you are experiencing this pregnancy symptom, remember to take it slow.

Fortunately, your balance and dexterity will return after delivery. For now, just accept that clumsiness in a pregnancy symptom you’ll have to struggle through.

When to Call the Doctor about Clumsiness

Feeling clumsy isn’t usually anything to worry about. It’s often just a sign of being pregnant and carrying around all that weight. However, you’ll want to contact a doctor or midwife if you experience clumsiness with any blurred vision, light-headedness or dizziness, headaches, or any pain.

If you accidentally fall or slip, call your doctor right away. In most cases, your baby will be fine. But you’ll want to get checked out and get your doctor’s OK anyway. In the final trimester, it’s very important that you call your healthcare provider if you are experiencing fewer fetal movements than normal.

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